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KidZania Bangkok

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Kidz (4-14 years old)

THB 699

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The Ultimate Learning & Role-Play Experience for Children.

An Amazing life-like, kid-centric replica city for children aged 4-14 years old to learn & play in a safe environment, right in the heart of Bangkok. So unique that it has its own Airport, Bank, Hospital, Theatre, Streets, Shops, and Buildings with vehicle and pedestrians interacting together, much like the real world. 


KidZania focuses on providing kids the opportunity to learn through role-playing. Children can benefit both physically and mentally while being motivated about various professions and to develop their aspirations on what they would like to be when they group up. A place to ignite the hearts and minds of children by empowering them To Know, To Care, To Share, To Createm To Play and To Be better empowering the world around us.


Through each profession and activity, kids learn essential life skills such as respect, independence, social integration, creativity, teamwork and the value of money, where the activities also help kids develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Education Value

Role-playing is a universal form of learning enjoyed by children all over the world. It is fun and offers educational, psychological and motivational benefits. By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania provides real-life experiences for kids to relate to the real world. These experiences are useful skills that will help the children as they grow up.


KidZania has its own currency: paper bank notes called “kidZo”. Upon visiting KidZania all children receive a cheque for 50 kidZo, which can be exchanged for cash at KidZania Bank located on City Square. 

KidZos are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and20. The kidZo’ symbol is the letter “Z” with two horizontal lines through it. The artwork for each bill denomination includes the kidZo’ symbol, an illustrative depiction of a KidZanian right and its RightZKeeper.

When working , children are paid in kidZo and they can spend kidZo to buy goods, services and pay for education - as part of the city’s supply and demand economy.