Erawan Waterfall / Pra That Cave / Srinakarin Dam

Tours & Experiences, Kanchanaburi

Erawan Waterfall / Pra That Cave / Srinakarin Dam

Tours & Experiences, Kanchanaburi



Erawan Waterfall

Enjoy swimming and relaxing at its marvelous ponds, created by the falling water. Erawan Waterfall flowing with emerald water is the major attraction of the national park. It is 7 tiered and spans over 1.5 km, each tier has also number of smaller falls into ponds full of fishes. A series of trails and footbridged will lead visitors all way up to 6th tier, last tear is accessible by scrambling up to few cliffs for those who like a bit more challenge. Most tears are running into ponds, great for swimming. There are few picnic spots around the lower tiers, food is strickly forbidden beyond the second tier.

Pra That Cave

Pra That Cave is situated only 8 kilometers far from the Erawan Waterfall. It is approximately 12 kilometers beyond the Erawan National Park. Pra That Cave is a very big cave as it is 200 meters wide. There are a lot of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. And, most of the stalactites and stalagmites are translucent which are so stunning. At the middle of the cave, you will encounter Pra That Buddha image and a statue of an eagle which are made of the sandstone. Before getting inside the cave, visitors need to contact the forest officer first in order to get permission and as well to ask for a guide to navigate you throughout the cave. You need to be at the cave right before 3 p.m.

Pra That Cave is located inside the Erawan National Park. And, it is 76 kilometers far from the center of Kanchanaburi town. Pra That Cave is counted as the highlight of Thailand tourism that nature lovers should not miss!

Srinakarin Dam

The Srinagarind Dam (also known as the Srinakarin Dam) is an embankment dam on the Kwai Yai River in Si Sawat District of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. The main purpose of the dam is river regulation and hydroelectric power generation. The dam's power station has a 720 megawatts (970,000 hp) capacity of which 360 megawatts (480,000 hp) is pumped storage. The dam was named after princess Srinagarindra.

The Srinagarind Dam is a 140 m (460 ft) tall and 610 m (2,000 ft) long embankment dam. It withholds a reservoir with a capacity of 17,745 million cubic meters. The dam's power station has an installed capacity of 720 MW and contains three 120 megawatts (160,000 hp) Francis turbines and two 180 megawatts Francis pump-turbines. The pump-turbines serve the dam's pumped-storage capability and generate electricity during peak hours. In off-peak hours, the pump turbines return water from the lower reservoir back into the upper reservoir.











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